Keep Your Head Safe
and Your Body Warm

Heimat is a place where you feel the most comfortable, a place that evokes a sense of belonging or security. Sometimes Heimat can be just the feeling that's triggered by a smell or a moment of calm you get whilst you do what you love doing. The feeling a surfer has when he is in the ocean or a mountaineer when he reaches the peak. The aim of our clothes is to trigger that same Heimat feeling. We want people to feel at home wherever they might be going.

Heimat's Five Favourite Rip - Roaring Adventure Reads

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Getting Off The Beaten Track...

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Travels with Heimat

Merino Raglan Tee - Seashell
Eiger Cardigan - Ink

Regatta Belt
Made in Germany 100%

Eiger Cardigan - Ink
100% Virgin Wool
Keep your body warm

Heimat's Five Favourite Rip - Roaring Adventure Reads
Sarah Glover the Wild Chef
The Big Thumper