The word Heimat is a German phrase with no direct translation. Heimat is a place where you feel the most comfortable, a place that evokes a sense of belonging or security. Sometimes Heimat can be just the feeling that's triggered by a smell or a moment of calm you get whilst you do what you love doing. For example, the feeling a surfer has when he is in the ocean or a mountaineer when he reaches the peak. The aim of our clothes is to trigger that same Heimat feeling. We want people to be safe and secure in our garments and feel at home wherever they might be going.

Inspiration and Purpose

Our clothes are universal but we are proud of the German heritage and craftmanship. Germany is known for high-level engineering and great quality all over the world and that’s what Heimat products are about. We love things that are simple and made for a purpose and are stripped of any unnecessary design features. Hence why a lot of inspirations come from traditional workwear or military garments. Have a look at the perfect finishing details of our garments, the admiral stripes on cuffs and hem, or the crown of our hats, which ensures it does not stick up on your head every detail is there for a purpose. Our main inspirations are the outdoors and lifestyle sports like surfing, hiking, or just riding your motorbike but in the end anything what you enjoy doing. Fits are more tailored than traditional garments due to the heavy knitting they will fit tight to the body when you first put them on but after a couple of wear's it softens up and perfectly adjusts to your body shape, similar to a fresh pair of jeans. We don't want to keep adding categories to our offer unless we feel it is right for the ethos of the brand.


For us sustainability starts with the live cycle of a product. The longer you can use or in our case wear an item less the resources will be used or wasted. Due to the sophisticated craftmanship and the quality ingredients we use in our products you are guaranteed to be able to use them for a very long time.You can wear our sweaters or hats for years and the wool will not pill or rip. The most sustainable is producing a garment that's never out of fashion and will stand the test of time because it is made from the best materials and with the highest expertise. Quality and longevity is just one part of sustainability the path from raw materials to the finished garments in the consumers hands is as important if not more. We ensure the most efficient transport links between production and consumers and due to our local production our carbon foot print is kept to a minimum the little emissions we cause we offset with CO2 regeneration projects of Brazilian rainforests. We know that every person involved in making our products have been rewarded adequately and work in a healthy environment.