A day at the cornish coast. Part #1

A day at the cornish coast. Part #1

We recently caught up with Tom an old mate of ours and a friend of the brand. We met years back on a surf trip to Morocco. At the time Tom was living his best life as a surf guide in a little Town outside of Agadir known for the best point breaks in Africa and probably in the world. We both clicked immediately and had a great time surfing and hanging out. Fast forward almost 10 years and both of our lives have changed a lot. We used the opportunity to show Tom some of our new seasons items and do a field test. 

Tom now lives on a little Farm in Cornwall with his beautiful family and few chickens.

Sweater Rugby Roll Neck Surf

On arrival Tom decided it would be a great idea to go down to the beach to see if there is some surf to be had.

We hoped for a little swell that was supposed to hit the Cornish coast that week. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and the sea was as flat as a pancake. We decided instead to light a fire and refresh our memories of old stories and what's happened in our life's over the past decade. 

Tom - Surf - Fire - Merino Long Sleeve

The next day Tom wanted to show us his "hunting ground" he is an avid waterman and experienced speer fisher. He took us to his favourite spot.

The Cornish coast is full of delights you just need to know where and how to look for them.

Unfortunately we weren't too lucky this time apart from one spider crab which Tom released back into it's natural habitat.

However the wonders of nature will always provide us with an alternative adventure.
Moving on from fishing we made another attempt to find some surf, although it still looked very flat something was on the horizon.
Not necessarily known for surfing (outside of the UK), Cornwall can provide you with some amazing waves. 
At last the over promised swell arrived. Tom took no time to get ready, waves in Cornwall are very tidal and the window of fun can be very short lived. 
Surf Cornwall - Heimat - Sweaters
Tom Getting in Surf Heimat Sweaters Clothing
Sometimes you get lucky and you get that half an hour of magic when everything comes together and Tom made the most of it.
Heimat Surf Cornwall Clothing Sweaters Hats
Surf Cornwall Style heimat Clothing Textil Sweaters Hats
Post surf we had to rush home to look after the chickens that Tom is taking care of for his neighbour whilst they are on holiday.
Heimat Textil Clothing Sweaters Hats Chicken
Sweater Textil Heimat Clothing
We went one more time to the beach to make the most of the sunset.
Heimat Textil Sweater Clothing
Sundowner Tom Sur Heimat Clothing Textil