Our round up of our favorite finds on the world wide web and the seven seas.

Ever dreamed about building your own boat.

Check out chesapeake light craft and start planning your own boat or maybe even surfboard.

Drug Eggs. Korean Mayak Eggs get you addicted in no time.

We recently discovered this dish. Not only is it very tasty and super easy to prepare it also will last you for a whole work week.

Spice up your Pizza. How to make hot honey sauce. will teach you how to make your favourite pizza even more tasty.

How to make dough and all the rest.

Tired of ordering pizza in and the risk of getting a luke warm slice? Why don't you make it yourself?

Augen zu Podcast. For our German readers.

This podcast (in German language) will teach you the Fundamentals about art.

Tired of negative daily news and being feed stats without context?

Factfullness by Hans Roesling will give you a new perspective of the world and hopefully it's a positive one.

How to camp? You feel the call of the wild but don't know how to get started?

Set to has got you covered with their 26 tips for your first camping trip.

Heimat reads - SHOGUN

Introducing you, to our favourite books, we hope you enjoy the read as much as we did.

Summer Home

Ever dreamed about building your own Tree House? Maybe you find some inpiration with this selection on venue report.

Skiing Georgia

Planing your next winter holidays but don't want to re finance your house? Look no further we found the sulution for you. Georgia.

Getting Fit

Trying to get fit but dont want to go to the GYM. Here is an alternative for you. Download the 52 x Kettlebell Exercises by Greg Brookes and get your self a set of Kettlebellls.

Nomadic Off-Road

Looking for that real adventure sign yourself up with nomdadic off road for an enduro expedition in Mongolia for the experience of your lifetime. Brrrmmmmm


Planning your next road trip here is your new favourite travel companion. Beautiful sounds for the longest of roads.

The Boulevardier

This isn't a Negroni. It is, however, the Negroni's long-lost autumnal cousin. Head to and learn how to mix one yourself.

How to start a fire.

Dr. Bill Schindler, professor of archeology and anthropology demonstrates how to start a fire.

DIY Granola

Tired of buying Granola when you really could make it yourself whilst reducing waste by using fewer paper boxes and plastic bags? Watch this easy tutorial and get baking. Guten Appetit.


Planning your next camping adventure in Europe? The Roadsurfers Spots App helps you to find your next camping spot away from your traditional camping site to enjoy the great outdoors.