Santa Charity Hat

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Inspired by the outfit of one of the most well known figures around the world, who brings us and more importantly children, unconditional joy and happiness every year. We thought it would be fitting to donate all proceeds from selling this hat to the homeless shelter our friends from Brund Store Copenhagen liked the idea so much that they decided to "come on board" and will donate their proceeds to

With all the horrible things happening around the world we sometimes forget the ones closest to us that can also do with our help. We hope to grow this project with time and will keep updating you on our progress.

Keep warm.

Borrowed, as most things in a man's wardrobe from military uniforms, the Pompom (18th Century French word bombe is a hat decoration of a knot of ribbons) adorned soldiers' hats as a way of differentiating regiments on the battlefield.

This hat originates from hats worn by fishermen and naval sailors throughout history. The Bobble was added to Wool Hats to protect sailors from low-hanging beams under deck.
The Hat has an 8,5cm 1 1/2 fold to give you that extra warmth when worn.

It is hand-finished, and due to the sophisticated knitting technique, it will mold to your head just after a few wears. Keep your head safe.

-100% Virgin Wool
-Made in Germany

Our Mechanics hat will sit a bit tight on the head when you first wear it but has a lot of stretch and will shape perfectly to your head and get softer and softer the more you wear them. They will break in like your favourite pair of jeans. You can wear them above the ears or pull down over the ears.

Hight 15 6"
Length 20 - 25 8" - 10"


Our wool has natural oils and is self cleaning. Just hang it outside in fresh air for a night. If you still want to machine wash it wash at 30 degrees wool cycle in a half full machine and use wool detergent.