Training Sweater

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Raglan Heavyweight Fleece 40% Merino / 60% Cotton.

The outer shell is Cotton the inside is Merino. The merino layer on the inside will give you that extra warmth and softness vs. cotton. We have added our three admiral stripes on the cuff and the hem for extra strength. Extra wide cuff and hem for extra comfort. No V at the front to make the silhouette of the Sweater a bit sleeker. Overlock stitching to make it sturdy. The fabric/Sweater is woven, dyed, and sewn in Germany. The garments are made on loop wheel machines. You can wash it at 30% Wool Wash it will have a tiny bit of shrinkage like your favorite denim. After some wear it gets a little patina on the outside due to the merino wool on the inside depending on the use and amount of wear of the owner.

Our Sweaters have a lot of stretch buy your normal size they will sit a bit slim on the body when you wear them first but will break in just like your favourite pair of denim.


Body  =  Neck to Hem
Chest =  Armpit to Armpit
Arms  =  Shoulder to end of Cuff

SIZE Body Chest Arms
XS/36 54cm|21" 43cm|17" 52cm|20"
S/40 58cm|23" 45cm|18" 54cm|21"
M/44 63cm|25" 47cm|19" 55cm|22"
L/48 67cm|26" 51cm|20" 56cm|22"
XL/52 70cm|27" 54cm|21" 60cm|23"
XXL/56 75cm|29" 57cm|22" 63cm|25"


Our wool has natural oils and is self cleaning. Just hang it outside in fresh air for a night. If you still want to machine wash it wash at 30 degrees wool cycle in a half full machine and use wool detergent.