Size / Care - Journey Coat

Relaxed Fit.

Body  =  Back - Neck to Hem
Chest =  Circumference
Arms  =  Neck to end of Cuff

SIZE Body Chest Arms
S/40 69.85cm|27.5" 115cm|45.28" 75cm|29.53"
M/44 70.85cm|27.89" 119cm|46.85" 76cm|29.92"
L/48 71.85cm|28.29" 123cm|48.43" 77cm|30.32"
L/52 72.85cm|28.68" 127cm|50" 78cm|30.71"
XXL/56 73.85cm|29.07" 131cm|51.57" 79cm|31.10"


Machine wash wash at 40 degrees delicate cycle in a half full machine.