Frau Rollkragen

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Taking inspiration from our classic Rollkragen and Rundhals it is a natural step to introduce two womenswear-specific sweaters. The exaggerated wide hem and long cuffs signal to WW2 RAF details. Signature stripes on cuffs and hem. The sleeves and collar are attached by hand stitching, proof of individual craftsmanship on every item. Knitted from 5 gauge 100% Extra Fine Virgin Wool.

Body  =  Neck to Hem
Chest =  Armpit to Armpit
Arms  =  Shoulder to end of Cuff

SIZE Body Chest Arms
XS/36 46cm|18" 44cm|17" 56.5cm|22"
S/40 47cm|18.5" 46cm|18.5" 58cm|23"
M/44 48cm|19" 48cm|19" 59cm|23"
L/48 49cm|19" 50cm|20" 60cm|23.5"
XL/52 50cm|20" 51cm|20" 61cm|23.5"
XXL/56 51cm|20" 52cm|20.5" 62cm|24"


Our wool has natural oils and is self cleaning. Just hang it outside in fresh air for a night. If you still want to machine wash it wash at 30 degrees wool cycle in a half full machine and use wool detergent.

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