Rugby Harbour

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Introducing our Harbour Sweater, a lightweight long-sleeved pullover, knitted from extra-fine virgin merino. We took inspiration from the jerseys worn by dockworkers in the Port of Hamburg around the early 20th century. They needed garments that were highly durable yet lightweight, so as not to overheat while loading and unloading ships.
To try and capture this original spirit, we have opted for a fine 8-gauge knit, which is perfect for wearing over a light layer, or directly against the skin. The sleeves and collar have been hand-stitched to the body and the precision of this craft is evident in each piece. There are quicker ways to make jumpers, but they dont yield the same results. Finally, we have left the edges raw as a further nod to the workwear of old.

- 100% Extra Fine Virgin Merino
- Knitted in Germany
- 8-Gauge Knit
- Fully-Fashioned Construction
- Handsewn Sleeves and Collar
- Raw Edge Collar

Body  =  Neck to Hem
Chest =  Armpit to Armpit
Arms  =  Shoulder to end of Cuff

SIZE Body Chest Arms
XS/36 50cm|19" 46cm|18" 58cm|23"
S/40 53cm|21" 50cm|19" 59cm|23"
M/44 55cm|22" 53cm|21" 60cm|24"
L/48 58cm|23" 57cm|23" 63cm|25"
XL/52 62cm|24" 60cm|23" 63cm|25"
XXL/56 66cm|26" 63cm|24" 64cm|25"


Our wool has natural oils and is self cleaning. Just hang it outside in fresh air for a night. If you still want to machine wash it wash at 30 degrees wool cycle in a half full machine and use wool detergent.

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